Goals for Students


To partner with family, school and church to instill a love for learning and a passion for Jesus in the heart of every child at Agape Academy. We measure our success by these criteria:

  • Reflecting the character of Christ in age-appropriate ways Demonstrating grade level reading proficiency
  • Achieving at or above the national average on standardized tests
  • Learning to make good decisions from a Christian perspective and a Biblical worldview

Goals for Students

We would like each of our students to strive to meet the following goals:

  • Conduct themselves in a respectful, obedient manner by obeying Christian standards as directed by the Bible
  • Succeed academically, physically, and spiritually by mastering the precepts set forth by our Christian curriculum and our Christian staff

Spiritual Formation Goals for Students

As a ministry of Agape Church, we pursue the Church Mission:

  •  To Love God
  •  To Love People
  •  To Reach the World