Agape Academy is a non-profit Christian school that has served West Little Rock families and the families of Agape Church since 1986, and under founding Pastor Happy Caldwell, trained a generation of children to produce life in their cities, state, nation and world. Now under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Scott Stewart, a seasoned missionary and PhD in Hebraic Studies, our faculty educates students in Judeo-Christian tradition, training children to love, serve, and honor God & His Word, as they love and serve people.

Mission Statement

To Love God, Love Children, Teach and Reach our World


We believe in the partnership of Family, School and Church to instill a love for learning and a passion for Jesus Christ in the heart of every child at Agape Academy. We measure our success by these criteria:

  • Reflecting the character of Christ in age-appropriate ways
  • Demonstrating grade level reading proficiency
  • Achieving at or above the national average on standardized tests
  • Learning to make good decisions from a Christian perspective and a Biblical worldview